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Where Do I Get My Inspiration?


Where do I get my Inspiration?

This must be the question I am asked the most at events and on social media!

Well, the short answer is everywhere and anywhere!

The longer, and probably more entertaining answer, is in the patterns and shapes I see in the world around me.

Nature is amazing! I know that when most people think of nature, they think of animals, birds, plants and flowers. I think of all of that and also all the patterns and shapes you can see in these too.

From the pattern of veins in a leaf, to the criss-cross of branches in a tree, the amazing colours of flowers and the texture of an animals fur or feathers are all huge inspirations to me. It’s a never ending source of ideas and inspiration for me.

I love to draw patterns and experiment with colour. This was where I started when I was experimenting to find the style of art I most loved to create. I can often be found doodling repeating shapes on scraps of paper when I’m on the phone or watching tv.

These doodles often end up becoming some of my larger pieces of modern paper cut art, like my Cosmic Feathers.

I also really enjoying sketching and cutting flowers and insects. I love challenging myself to do these on a miniature scale, reflecting the small scale they are found in Nature. Cutting on such a small scale is a real test of my skill and accuracy!