Grey layered modern paper cut art, monochrome art, framed papercut


Grey layered paper cut art. An ideal piece of abstract art for the modern home


Grey Layered Modern Paper Cut Art

Modern paper cut art created from five layers of pearlescent paper in lightening shades of grey.

I love cutting circular designs! They are a great challenge to hand cut. I love adding little details to each layer and that none of the shapes are exactly the same.

It’s simple, yet elegant design makes it a wonderful piece for the modern home.

Each layer has had it’s design drawn and then hand cut before being finished on a bright white background in a white wood frame.

After showing my pink layered piece on social media lots of you said you’d like to see a grey version, so here it is!

This piece would look great in a sunny room where it’s pearlescent layers with sparkle in the light.

It works really well in neutral d├ęcor or to offset a bright colour scheme.

The layers range from 15cm down to a tiny 5cm across.

Frame size is 23 x 23 x 3.5cm

Your paper cut art piece will arrive wrapped in tissue and will be shipped in a foam slider box for safe delivery.


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