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How to journal using paper cuts

Hi everyone!!

I was super excited when Danielle from Under The Rowan Trees asked me to come up with a paper cutting template that she could add to her Falling Leaves Stationery Box. Autumn is my favourite time of year and I often find myself cutting leaf designs to decorate my journal (and my home!!), so this months theme suited me perfectly!!

I thought it would be great to give you a few extra tips and show you how to complete your template.

So here we go!

What you’ll need

There’s not too much equipment you’ll need to complete your paper cut. You’ll need a cutting mat, a scalpel handle and some scalpel blades (you can use the washi tape in your stationery box to stick your template in your planner). If you don’t have any of these I have a fab Autumn Mini Kit that gives you everything you need plus a practice sheet and some extra templates! You can get one here.

Where to start!

I like to think of paper cutting as drawing but with a knife instead of a pencil! so I hold the scalpel in the same way I hold my pencil and I move the paper more than the blade.

When cutting the template it is a good idea to start in the middle with the smallest details and then work your way outwards towards the edges of your piece.

Top Tip: Remember to change your blade every half an hour or so. This will keep it nice and sharp and allow for a smoother cut with more precision.

Start with the small areas in the middle

Take it slow!

Paper cutting can be a really relaxing craft. Taking your time and relaxing into the process will not only help you enjoy it more but you’ll be less likely to make any mistakes with your cut.

Pop the radio on, make yourself a cup of tea and shut out the rest of the world for a while! (I often loose track of time when I’m cutting. It always leaves me feeling relaxed)

More than half way through!

Finishing Touches

Once you’ve cut away all the grey areas of your template you need to turn it over. This will be the side you see when you open your journal.

I’ve included a sheet of my favourite copper pearlescent paper for you to use as a background for your paper cut. This colour always makes me think of autumn and the crisp leaves that have changed colour and fallen to the ground.

If you’re feeling adventurous why not get some of your own favourite papers and put some extra splashes of colour behind your template before you add it to your journal. (We call these infills)

I used the lovely washi tape that was included in the Stationery Box to fix my paper cut into my bullet journal.

You could even hang it on your notice board or frame it and give it as a gift!

I hope you enjoy cutting your template! I’d love to see how you’ve done so don’t forget to tag me @kppapercuts on Instagram

Happy Cutting!

And it’s finished!

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