If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me via the contact me page here

Here are some of the questions I am asked most frequently.

Where do I get my inspiration?

I find inspiration almost anywhere! In particular I’m inspired by nature. I love the flora and fauna I’m surrounded by her in the UK and it is often a prominent feature of my designs. I also love the patterns and geometric shapes you can see in the world around you. You can see this influence most in my Abstract range.

What materials do I use?

The materials I use are very simple. It all starts with a single piece of paper that I will sketch my design on to. I then use my trusty scalpel to cut the design out before mounting and framing the finished piece!

What’s my favourite design?

This is a tough one as I love everything I make! if I had to choose just one, then at the minute it would be my layered leaf design. I love the shapes and how much depth this piece has. I also really like the restrictive palette I’ve used in this piece.

Can anyone do this?

As long as you have some patience, time to practice and a steady hand then, yes, you could cut a simple design. I offer a starter kit so you can have a go and also workshops where you can spend an afternoon or evening with me to create a seasonal paper cut piece.

How many scalpels do I get through per picture?

That really depends on how intricate the design is and how many layers it has. I usually change my blade about every 20 minutes when I’m cutting to keep it sharp. When I cut my largest abstract piece I used about 100 blades!

Which is my most popular piece?

My most popular range are my Constellations as they make wonderful Birthday presents or Secret Santa gifts. My most popular design is my Stargazing Hare which is popular both to decorate nurseries and also for anyone who loves British wildlife.

How long does it take to cut each picture?

This depends on the size, detail and number of layers in the design. I’m quite a speedy cutter (thanks to all the practice I get!) but it can take me up to ten hours to cut some of my biggest and most complex pieces.

Do you do bespoke pieces?

I love creating bespoke designs for my customers! If you’d like a piece designing and cutting just for you then contact me via the form here and I’ll be happy to discuss ideas with you.

What’s the most difficult design I’ve ever cut?

I think the most difficult piece I’ve cut to date is my large Abstract piece. This was difficult as each layer is A3 in size and the lines are very, very thin!

How long have I been paper cutting?

I’ve been paper cutting for about four years now. I cut at least part of a design every day, although not all make it to a finished piece!

How did I start paper cutting?

I started paper cutting as a way to relax and reduce stress. I found a starter kit online and just dove straight in! It’s taken lots of practice and experimentation to get where I am now. I still experiment with new techniques and try new papers all the time as I love to challenge myself.

What kind of paper do I use?

My favourite paper to cut with is Stardream pearlescent paper. It’s a beautiful thickness and holds up well to intricate designs. I’ve recently started to use recycled papers too. Some of these even has gold and silver leaf embedded in them which gives a really interesting finish to a piece.

Can I personalise a piece?

Yes. Most of my designs can have elements added or removed. I can also cut a design in a different colour for you so it matches your d├ęcor or if you’re buying a gift a I can use the recipients favourite colour.

What colours do I have available?

I have a very large collection of colours available. I’m a bit of a paper addict! If you would like one of my designs in a particular colour please contact me and I’ll try to match it as best I can.

If I request a bespoke piece how would that work?

When you request a bespoke piece of paper art I will stay in regular contact with you throughout the process. After you have given me an idea of the type of design you’d like and any particular elements you’d like to have included I’ll sketch and send you a few designs to choose your favourite.

You can then let me know what colours you would like me to use and the type of frame you’d like for the piece as well.

I’ll send you photos of your piece during cutting and also before it is framed to make sure you’re happy with the design. I’ll send you another update once the piece is framed before I wrap it ready to be delivered to you.

A bespoke piece usually takes around two to three weeks from your initial query to being ready for posting.

If you’d like a bespoke piece creating please contact me here

How long is it from ordering to delivery?

As each piece is cut by hand it is between three and five working days to have your order ready for posting. All orders are sent by second class post in the UK. You can expect your order to be delivered within five to seven working days of placing your order.

During particularly busy periods, such as Christmas, delivery can take longer than this.

Is it ok to post frames with glass in?

I use foam slider boxes to send your piece to you. These boxes have a thick layer of foam surrounding all sides of your art piece which significantly reduces the risk of the glass being damaged in transit. I also use acrylic in many of my frames instead of glass which reduces the risk of damage even further.

Do I post abroad?

Postage is free within the UK. If you are outside of the UK (including the Republic of Ireland) postage is charged at a flat rate depending on your location. Please allow extra time for your order to reach you if you live outside of the UK

Can I purchase extra templates once I’ve used all the ones in the kit?

I am currently putting together some template packs which you will be able to purchase. Sign up to my email list to be notified when these are released.

Do I offer local collection?

Unfortunately I am not currently able to offer a collection service. I may at times, be able to offer collection from events I will be attending. You can fin out more about the events I’ll be at and if I’m offering a collection service at these venues here